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Host a Workshop!

If you are interested in my workshops and would like me to come to your area, here is a partial list of some of my most popular workshop offerings. I am available for a one two, or three day workshop in your area. I have several workshop themes in mind, and I would appreciate your feedback on what you think would be most interesting to the largest segment of your student pool. I can work with all different skill levels.

My workshops are usually 6 hours per day. The price per day is often negotiated, depending on what lodging, travel, and other expenses are incurred. I require a minimum of twelve and a maximum of twenty students. If you would like to discuss possible dates, please contact me to provide open times along with a copy of your contract.


Florals is my most often requested workshop, appropriate for all levels. I can do an entire workshop on Tropical Flowers, or Floral Themes, or a different variety of flower each day for three days.

Saturated Paper

I also enjoy teaching a Saturated Paper workshop. The focus is Koi, Water Lilies or Tropical Florals. I put lots of paint on a soaking wet sheet of paper and lift out shapes, then paint these shapes and carve out other shapes using a lot of glazing .stencils and negative painting. This is good for intermediate/advanced painters.

Letting the Subject Dictate the Approach

Letting the Subject Dictate the Approach emphasizes one approach each day, and helps students to create texture and edges that best represent the image they want to express. This offers lots of options for subjects, and I recommend this one for students that have been painting for a while.

Expressive Skies and Landscapes

Expressive Skies and Landscapes is a very exciting and fast-paced workshop that encourages the student to work more effectively from their imagination and stored memories. I think this is the best choice if there are lots of beginners or beginning/intermediate students; artists who are slaves to photographs, or simply not into flowers. A strong foundations class with paint and brush handling techniques stressed.

Elements of Landscapes

Learn how to paint some of the components that go into a landscape painting. We explore the different ways to paint skies, trees, rocks, water, and more to create a painting either from our imagination or from photographs.

Treated Paper

The Treated Paper workshop is a unique in that it focuses on abstract underpainting on a hot pressed paper with an acrylic coating. This is a very non-traditional approach, with thick paint and working from dark to light instead of light to dark. Explore lots of interesting textures and “find the hidden picture” by lifting, splash and splatter! Cascading water and rocks are often the theme and this workshop is always very fun!

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